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Aastitva Being
Awareness to Healing
7 chakras / energy-centres of our body culminating to Blue-Pearl
(Left to Right)
'Life' is Mine, because
'Birth' is Mine, as
'Soul' is Mine, so
'Karma' is Mine, thus
'Mind' is Mine, hence
'Happiness' is Mine, then
'Sadness' too is Mine, as
'Feelings' are Mine, as
'Thoughts' are Mine, and
'Believes' are Mine, so
'The Power to Evolve' is in Me.
The above is the seed Cosmic Intelligence of the larger Cosmic Science of life, on which 'Aastitva', a Sanskrit word, which in English means 'Being', upon which resides the Foundation of life.
People healed under 'Aastitva'-'Being' Foundation 'mental health' and 'spiritual healing' programs learn to heal themselves through their 'Inward Journey towards Divine'. In the process getting deepest core realizations and wisdom of life, automatically clearing and evolving their Karma (Deeds) trails, and orienting them to the aspects of Ease, Joy & Glory. They flow their life in harmony & rhythm of Cosmic Science / Cosmology.
Our programs amalgamate the physical aspects of Management Science, behavioural and mental aspects of Psychological Science, and wisdom of Spiritual Science.
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