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About Us

'Aastitva'-'Being' is an open community of people who are healed of their Karma (to the maximum extent) by Love Energy and who flow their life from God Circle Soul within. Each and everyone blessed soul healed by this process of healing is member of 'Aastitva'-'Being'.

The community is started with the blessing of Mahavatar Babaji Maharaj through His disciples YogiGuru Saugaato (name in this lifetime) and Dr. Deepti (name in this lifetime). YogiGuru Saugaato was initiated by Gurumayi-ji way back in 2004 after he started his meditation in 2002 taking Mahavatar Babaji Maharaj as his Guru.

YogiGuru Saugaato in turn initiated Dr. Deepti. As souls in spiritual journey, their realizations has taught them the lesson of 'I NOT IMPORTANT'. Hence as individuals they feel that they are not important, and nothing apart from being a soul in a physical form. They are just a medium who are able to channelize and download informations, and physical forms who act from God Circle Soul.

To know more about their education and professional background, please visit the LinkedIn links by clicking the links on their names. For a brief background:

Dr. Deepti is Kriya Yogi and Siddha Yogi. She is a certified regression healer. She also specialized in Angel Therapy. She is doctorate, and university topper with Gold Medal in Neuro-Psychology, and has been in neuro-clinical psychological practice for last 10 years with being HOD of Psychology in Umrao Hospital, Thane, India. She has also worked as psychology domain expert in multinational corporate, and has trained people in corporates like Google, Facebook, Intel, Colgate and other large corporates in India. Dr. Deepti's life purpose is to heal and enrich other's life. Dr. Deepti is also a certified NLP trainer. She is one of the few Indian who is also member of American Psychological Association (APA).

YogiGuru Saugaato is a Kriya Yogi and Siddha Yogi. His yogic life started from 2002, has been given Shaktipat by Gurumayiji. His spiritual journey taken the turn to realized state from year 2010, after going through past life regressions aided by Dr. Deepti. From thereon he has moved to high realm of enlightement, and he has been blessed by his Guru to channelize Cosmic Science. Before 2014, he had been Managing Director and CEO of a public limited (closely held) Information Technology company. He is a management graduate, with 17 more years of business and corporate experience. His life purpose is to 'Bring Spirituality in Business'  to help business lean the new way of decision making to manifest larger goals. According to him, Soul is the only asset we are born with and carry to next birth. Saugaato also mentors new entrepreneurs to help them succeed.

Every person in the Aastitva Being Foundation community are blessed soul, because situations in this birth have forced them to embark upon the path of Karmic clearing and Spiritual Evolution, moving towards the goal of Moksha.

With the blessings of beloved Gurus, we as a community has been fortunate to have interactions with blessed souls living in gross bodies like Dr. Trupti Jayin, Dr. Gunjan Arora, and the numerous souls who come for healing.

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