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From 'Soul Respect'

Today I am extremely happy to share a few lines about the process of my spiritual evolution. I had the problem of migraine and not a single day of my life passed without pain. I had done every possible thing to get rid of my headaches. When nothing went right after being medically treated by the best headache specialist in Mumbai, India for 36 consecutive months, I started questioning my belief on God. I was almost on the verge of becoming an atheist until I met Dr. Deepti Bhandari. The first counselling itself made me realize that God was within me and had always guided me in the form of the voice of conscience. It was my bad karma that had manifested all the painful situations, only to give me some learning. My headaches were constant with me everyday and not a single day went without taking painkillers but, now I can feel the problem reducing slowly. Now my headaches are less frequent (may be around once in 15 days) and most importantly I am able to internalize the cause of the pain. My therapies are still going on and I know that with the help of my God circle soul, I will definitely succeed in taking all the learnings. I am thankful to Dr. Deepti Bhandari and Mr. Saugaato Ray who have guided me and are still guiding me in the process of my spiritual evolution.

From 'A Beautiful Soul'

I was disillusioned and life was very tough. The healing process helped me understand the concept of God Circle Soul and how the unconscious gives pains to my life. I was a slave of the unconscious. The therapy has helped me listen to my God Circle Soul. I am evolving as a person. Love energy is the key to all problems in life. It is really tough to listen to the God Circle Soul. However, I am confident that with practice all the decisions in my life will be based on the directives from the God Circle Soul. Then I will be filled with love energy. I want to reach a stage where I am completely wrapped with love energy from head to toe. With so much love energy around me, I want to touch innumerable lives and make a difference.

The pains faced by me:
My life is filled with uncertainties. I constantly feel anxiety. This makes me physically very tired. I experience a lot of fatigue. No matter what I do, nothing makes me happy. Everything seems to be a waste of time. I feel like I am useless. Lately I feel that I am incapable to doing anything. Lack of confidence and fear of failing. I plan to do a lot of things but end up feeling really sad, lonely and a strange feeling of emptiness. My work life and my personal life are unorganized. I have no control on either. Due to which, I very often experience a fit of rage.
Most of the times I am unable to listen to GCS. This makes me very frustrated and angry.

My feelings during the process of healing:
The healing process has helped me understand the reason why I suffer so much in life. Why everything becomes a struggle for me. Prior to the therapy, I had a lot of questions about the difficulties faced in my life. Due to this therapy, I am able to understand the cause of the difficulties and I have found the answers to most of my questions. I feel blessed to be a part of the therapy. Listening to GCS is the most difficult thing to achieve. However, I am evolving. The unconscious tries very hard to keep me away from therapy. At times, Itís like a battle in my head between the unconscious and the GCS. During the healing process, I feel like I am on a roller coaster ride of emotions. I constantly experience a fit of rage. At times, I want to just cry my heart out. Which I do and It makes me feel good. I am experiencing a lot of change in the way I look at life. I have adopted a completely different approach towards my friends, family and work. I am confident that the process of healing will eventually help me find happiness in life.

From 'Within Rules'

I am an acute case of depression and mental health issues. I came to healing when my mind has started giving the burden to my body and my body parts and organs started paining. Doctors where clueless on why these physical mains and the depression is manifesting. I had started taking psychiatic medicines. Even I attempted suicide twice. The dosage of the psychiatric medicines were getting enhanced almost every month. I gradually understood that I am entering a tunnel of no return. It is God's blessing that I saw an article on Dr. Trupti Jayin, who referred me to Dr. Deepti Bhandari, and she was near to my residence. The process of healing started and I was very skeptical. In fact the pressure was so much to change, and my unconscious mind resisting the change and pushing me to stay in comfort zone, that I even decided to drop from the healing process. Somehow with co-operation from Dr. Deepti and Sir, I joined back. I can only say, I have not only started living, but working towards making my life with Ease, Glory and Joy adhering to my God Circle Soul.

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